QuickBooks Integration

How do you maintain one accurate source of accounting data for your franchise?

If you’re still manually entering data into your accounting software, you’re wasting time and risking inaccuracies. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically port real-time financial data into QuickBooks? If you’re using Waterstreet’s franchise management tools, you can!

Your accounting data challenges might include:

  • Entering data accurately including Customers, Invoicing and Payment collection.
  • Avoiding double entry of data.
  • Keeping data entry overhead costs under control.
  • Getting an accurate and timely picture of overall finances.


Waterstreet’s QuickBooks Integrator™ seamlessly integrates the #1 small business accounting program in North America with FranchiZEE so that you can capture all your income and expense data in one place and connect it to your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts.

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